Talking a review of the website or any specific product is very important nowadays, especially when you are running an e-commerce store. In this useful, guide I am going to tell you the best WordPress review plugins which you can see an apply on your website.

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Why Should You Use WordPress Review Plugins?

When people visit your website and they need to buy something, then the first thing they should go to the review sections and see what product rating is and how much people like this product and purchased.

That’s why show a product review on your website is very important. One of the best things is that, you can gain a lot of visitors who need help their decision to purchase something.

Best WordPress Review Plugins

Here is the list of the best review plugin for WordPress which you can use in your website.

WP Customer Reviews


WP customer review is one of the best plugins of reviews. It’s allows you to create a custom page on your blog to receive customer reviews or opinions.

Features of WP Customer Reviews

  • This plugin is fully compatible with WordPress multisite
  • You can add shortcode of any pages and any widget
  • It allows admin to edit the reviews
  • And much more….


Site Reviews


Site reviews is another greatest plugin for WordPress which allows your visitors to submit their reviews between 1-5 ratings. Also, the plugin provides shortcodes, blocks, and widgets, along with full documentation.

Features of Site Reviews

  • Ajax pagination of reviews
  • Configurable Widgets
  • Complete documentation
  • Review avatars (
  • Reviews summary, Review responses, Review categories, Review blacklist
  • Relative dates
  • Translate any plugin text
  • Assign reviews to a Post/Page ID
  • Actively developed and supported
  • And much more….


Ultimate Reviews


Ultimate reviews is another greatest plugin which allows you to set up and includes two smart shortcodes. The first one is allows you to display your reviews and the other one is allow your customers or visitors to add their reviews and feedback.

Features of Ultimate Reviews

  • Flexible styling using the Custom CSS option
  • It allows you to set a maximum score of your product review
  • You can add reviews for all of your products


WP Product Review Lite


This plugin allows you to add product reviews. You can add review options of your every product the customer can come to your products and add the product rating. This plugin is basically for WooCommerce store owners who can take benefits and make their store profitable.

Features of WP Product Review Lite

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Special plugin for WooCommerce store owner
  • Shortcodes option available
  • Amazon Integration
  • It allows you to change the styling
  • Checkbox option available


Final Thoughts

These are the best review plugin for WordPress which I have mentioned in the above article. If you have any other WordPress review plugin in your list feel free to mention in the comments section below. We will review that plugins and add into our article.

What’s your favorite review plugin? Thoughts? 🙂