In this lesson, I’m going to compare WordPress and Wix so you can decide which platform is better suited for you to build your website.

Now I’m going to try to keep it short and get straight to the point not to waste any of your time.

Wix VS WordPress

So the number one thing is how easy is it to use each platform.

Wix Vs WordPress: Ease of Use

WordPress is going to be a little complicated for most people unless you’re a techie you have to get a domain name sign up for web hosting install WordPress install a bunch of plugins upload a template go through a bunch of settings but you have a lot of flexibility with what you can do and because of all this flexibility some people find it complicated.

Wix on the other hand is so simple that a five-year-old can figure it out all you do is sign up with your email and start building your website right away you don’t have to install anything you simply log in and create a very simple website using their page builder the drawback, however, is that you don’t get as much flexibility and the website you end up building is very simple so when it comes to being simple and easy to use Wix is definitely a winner.

Wix Vs WordPress: Price

The second thing is price there are two components when it comes to price first is your domain name such as your business name com Wix charges $4 a month which is about $50 a year. 

if you decide to build a custom website with WordPress you’re only paying about 15 bucks a year which is much cheaper next is your web-hosting cost. 

Wix charges 12 bucks a month to keep your website up and running 

if you want to use WordPress you’re going to be paying anywhere from three to seven dollars a month you can go as high as you want with WordPress like 15 30 100 a month if you’re making a very high traffic site 

but to replicate we are getting with Wix you’re paying about 5-7 bucks so basically when it comes to the total cost of running a website WordPress will cost you a lot less in the long run

Wix Vs WordPress: Flexibility 

the last thing that we want to compare is the flexibility you have when it comes to building your site and the developer community that exists around each platform Wix has a few hundred templates and a couple of hundred plugins that you can install to customize your site 

WordPress, on the other hand, has thousands of free plugins and templates no other platform has as many free plugins and templates as WordPress and you can also create your own plugins and templates if you want to but in most cases you won’t need to because chances

are someone has already made a plug-in for whatever it is that you’re trying to do with your website also because WordPress has such a large community you can easily find developers and designers to help you with your website if you’re building something very complicated for most projects 

however all you have to do is install a nice premium template add some plugins and your site is ready to go you don’t have to hire anybody also there are a ton of tutorials on how to use different aspects of WordPress so you can always find help if you run into any issues so once again WordPress wins.

Wrapping Up!

I’m going to try to keep this article short and I hope you guys learn something and found this useful. If you have any comments or suggestion feel free to let us know via the comment section below.