Every website needs a contact form, no matter what website is it. Whether it is a blog, online shop, any service provider, or any other business. In this guide, I will educate you about the WordPress contact form.

Although there are many contact form plugin available on the internet for the purpose of this article we are using Contact form 7 plugin. So for this article, we are gonna explain how you can install contact form 7 plugin on your WordPress website and also how you can edit the several features that come with contact form 7 so you can make a wonderful and amazing contact form for your WordPress website.

So let’s talk about Contact form 7 and how you can install this plugin on a WordPress website.

Login WordPress Admin Dashboard

To do this, simply login to your WordPress admin dashboard. 

wordpress Login dashboard

Installation WordPress Contact Form 7

Next, navigate Plugins >> Add New, next search for Contact form 7.

Contact form 7 install and activate

You can see that already has over 5 Million active installations. That is a crazy amount of installations or people of using this plugin.

Next, click on the install and activate the button.

So once you install this plugin you can see that you have a new section over here which is called Contact.

Contact form plugin section

 Once I click on it you can see that the options appear so I go immediately to the dashboard section of contact form 7.

contact form 7 plugin shortcode

You can see that contact form 7 is already created. This is a premade WordPress contact form that comes with the installation of this plugin. 

Creating New Contact Form 7

To do this, click on the Add New button.

add new contact form 7

After clicking on the add new button, the form will open in your screen where you need to set up the contact form according to your requirements.

new contact form 7 plugin

After successfully made your settings click on the Save button. Next, you will get the shortcode of this contact page which you can add in your Contact Us page, or any other page wherever you want.

In my case, I am adding this shortcode to my Contact Us page.

shortcode contact form 7 plugin

Next, publish your page.

That’s it, the job is done. You can see that we have a really simple WordPress contact form with the standard fields such as name, email, subject, message.

contact form 7 plugin demo

If someone goes over here they can fill in this information out of the topic that they want to discuss with you.

Hopefully, you’ve picked up some tips in this post to extend your own implementation of Contact Form 7 on your site. If you have any questions feel free to ask us via the comments section below.